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Original Art

All the work shown below is for sale. The prices listed do not include delivery. If you would like to buy, please call or email and we can discuss how to get your newly bought piece to you at the best price.

Swans at Castle Howard

This imposing picture is needlefelted in rare breed wool and silk onto a reclaimed wool background. Every single detail has been added with a single felting needle. The semi 3D swans lovingly greet each other in their lake with the facade of one of Yorkshire's most iconic buildings, Castle Howard, in the background. 


Ideal for anyone celebrating a Yorkshire wedding or anniversary, the picture is framed in a deep white wooden box frame behind museum quality glass. It measures 100cms by 50 cms approximately. £895




In A Golden Temple

This brown hare is taking refuge in the oil seed rape field, where the intense scent from the flowers helps to cover the trail of young leverets. She is still cautious though, because the heavy scent can also mask the scent of the predator hunting them. Created from rare breed wool on a wet felted background using a single felting needle, this large study positively glows in the sunlight. £795



A Suitable Place to Stand

This peregrine falcon has made its home high above the bustle of the city, on the stones of York Minster. 

Pictured standing on one of the Minster's famous gargoyles, he is poised to strike down an unsuspecting member of te pigeon population. A rare winner in the battle of urbanisation, peregrine falcons can be found nesting on skyscrapers and cathedrals across the country.

 Created from rare breed wool on a wet felted background using a single felting needle, and framed in plain white wood behind clarity glass so nothing detracts from the central subject. £695





The Secret Garden

This picture is based on a moment in the classic children's book The Secret Garden, and shows the moment Mary finds the hidden doorway and the keyhole to unlock it behind a curtain of ivy. This was my favourite book as a child and I still thrill to the idea of a walled garden. One day I will have one!

Mary is created from rare breed wool, needle felted on a wet felted background with a single felting needle. She is framed in a white box frame behind clarity glass. £625 



Cock O the Walk.jpg


Cock O' the Walk

The background that this glorious cock pheasant is walking into is the hot Border of the Walled Garden at Helmsley. It is a "plein air" piece that was created while I was showing my work at the Garden in the delicious Orchid House last September and I regularly encountered the resident wildlife.

He is framed in a white wood box frame behind clarity glass and although his fabulous tail isn't shown here, it is present in all its glory showing over the mount. £595




This young orangutan is pensive as he contemplates the rapid destruction of his forest home.


Needlefelted from rare breed wool onto a specially created wet felted background, the picture is framed in a white wood box frame behind the protection of picture glass. It measures approximately 45cms by 30 cms  £495





This portrait of our late Queen HM Elizabeth II was created the day she died. It is a tribute to her steadfast devotion to the duty of remembering all those who served in not only both great wars, but other conflicts involving British and Commonwealth service people around the globe.

The portrait is needle felted onto a specially created background wet felted from rare breed British wool. The poppies are wet felted in merino.. The frame is a black box frame , glazed with Clarity glass to ensure reduced fading and less unwanted light reflection It measures approximately 50cms by 50 cms  £595


A Well Earned Rest

These two resting greyhounds are enjoying a well earned retirement after years of racing. They are needlefelted from rare breed wool and their blanket is pure wool tartan. £495









Gilbert & George

These smiling, happy piglets are Oxford Sandy and Blacks, a rare breed pig, happily making a comeback. Seen playing in a barn in East Yorkshire, the reddish coat and black spots make for an appealing study.

Created on a piece of reclaimed lambswool using rare breed wool and a single felting needle, the duo are framed in a deep box frame behind clarity glass. £395



Ladies in Waiting

These gorgeous Jack Russell girls are Queen Camilla's rescue pups and are the ones she had embroidered on her Coronation gown. The picture is created from rare breed wool, needle felted onto a wet felted background. It is framed in a white wood box frame behind clarity glass and measures approx 22cms  by 42cms.  £295

Mouse Dreams

This sleeping kitty is twitching their tail so hard in their sleep that it is poking out of the mount in the frame!


Felted from rare breed wool on a reclaimed wool background, this tabby and white youngster is deeply asleep after a morning's play. Framed in a deep custom whitewood box frame behind clarity glass £250




Purrrl Stitch

Little Willow got into the wool basket today and had a wonderful time tangling all my scraps before enjoying a cosy nap! Needle felted from rare breed wool onto a reclaimed wool base then mounted onto a cotton velvet cushion. Framed in a white wood frame behind clarity glass. £210


Lord Frederick

This fauxdermy stag's head is needle felted from rare breed wool over a wire armature, his deerstalker is tweed and the shield on which he is mounted is hand made from solid oak and waxed. £195




The Explorer

This gorgeous red squirrel has been created to celebrate their re-introduction into Yorkshire at the wonderful Yorkshire Arboretum. Needle felted with a single felting needle from rare breed wool onto a wet felted background and is set in a plain white box frame. Overall, he measurers 25cms x 25cms £185



A robin is not just for Christmas! These little birds can be found in the gallery all year. Needle felted from rare breed wool over a wire armature. £30 each



Created from rare breed wool with a single needle over a wire frame, this cheeky wren is making sure you can't miss it!

£30 each


Cards & Prints

Cards and prints of most of Alison's art, past and present, are available to buy.


Above are some popular sample sets of cards , which are priced at £3 each or four for £10.

Signed prints are available in a variety of sizes, from A4 to A2

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